Experience & Thematic trips in Drôme

Some ideas to enjoy your stay in Drôme at Domaine du Roc,

unless the sweetness of life and the farmiente at the edge of the pool is simply imposing on you.

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Work experience of the vineyard

Participate in our collective adventure of replanting the vineyard in Saou.
4 hectares planted in 2019, first bottles planned in 2021.

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WE Short-Break Hiking Experience

Leave Paris, Geneve, Lyon or Grenoble on a Friday in the early afternoon

Arriving at the Domaine, immersion in the countryside with a small hike on the hill above the guest house

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Experience Well Being, Heritage and Gastronomy

When you arrive, give yourself an instant "disconnection" by privatizing the Estang Bulles ... ideal to forget everything

For dinner, you will have to choose between 1 of our restaurants in the village unless you prefer to stay at home to enjoy a local plateau while watching the sunset

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Multi-Activities Sport Experience

The wealth of the Drôme is such that we will have to make draconian choices!

Water side: to choose between the descent of the Drome in canoe, or an aquatic hike with Tom.

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The Domaine du Roc offers you all year round Thematic Stays, with hiking and painting workshops on the program.

Freedom hiking holidays

Freedom hiking holidays

€ 310 (per person, for a stay 3 nights – 3 days walk)

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